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There are 18 full-time technical engineers in Kwinbon technical service center. The team specializes in laboratory design, standard methods operation, instrument testing, rapid testing, etc. These engineers keep long-term contacts with customers, solve the problem of general techniques over the phone and have accumulated rich experiences in practice. We can provide training for laboratory construction.

The main contents of technical service include:

1.    Telephone support

Service hours: 8:00-12:00 am, 13:00-17:00 pm, 24 hours mobile phone.


(1)  Provide answers to basic operated questions.

Hotline: 010-80700520, Ext. 8812.


(2)  Analyze experimental results and introduce the products.

Hotline: 010-80700520, Ext. 8811.


2.    Technical training and service


(1)  Help the clients understand the basic operation.


(2)  Solve the technical problems.


(3) Conduct training.


3.    Develop rapid pre-processing method for special samples.


4.    Test samples.


5.    Collect negative/positive specimens of new project.


6.    Customer’s risk assessment.


7.   Information/trends/new product launch.

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